ReelAbilities Film Festival Ad

When Ontario’s Accessibility Directorate was given the opportunity to create an advertisement to play before every screening of the festival, they needed help. They had no concept or direction, just a 30s span of time in which to play a message.

The concept I created reflects their ethos and provides a concrete way forward in terms of communication direction. Using the metaphor of a screening room, equipment stands in the way, blocking a readable message onscreen. In order to read the message, equipment is moved away a piece at a time. This invites the viewer to—as in wheel of fortune—complete the phrase before it’s fully revealed. This sort of deep processing is very effective for message recall.

Once the equipment is cleared, the message remains: Removing barriers benefits everyone. The a-ha moment for the audience is in the realization that those who face barriers are routinely unable to enjoy experiences that others may take for granted.

The piece was created in 3d in order to look more convincingly like shadows cast from a projector; it also was treated to replicate the look of analog film, complete with frame skipping and reel change “burn marks”.

The piece was highly successful and well received by the client.


February 22, 2016

Motion, Video