Room & Bored — Comedy Pilot

RBPosterRoom&Bored is a comedy series set in downtown Toronto, featuring a pair of strange-but-relatable roommates trying to understand their confusing social milieu, meanwhile coming to terms with the dying idealism of early graduate life.

No, that wasn’t the log line; Room&Bored was conceived and written by myself and the costar, and produced as a full-length pilot episode.

The show won “Official Selection” at the New York Television Festival (NYTVF), and went on to impress audiences and juries. Frequently cited as one of the best comedies in the festival, the show featured a strong scene-based structure that married elements of sketch comedy with a strong, interweaving narrative arc.

This was a large project that ran the gamut of writing, preproduction and planning, production, editing, shooting, acting, photography, color correction, design, strategy, social media, web, and print.

Click here to download the show bible.


February 22, 2016

Design, Entertainment, Identity, Motion, Video, Web, Writing