Red Tape 8 Bit

For this project I designed a user experience using both a multimedia installation and an interactive, playable game; and likely it’s the only occasion I’ll have to try to induce the experience of frustration.

Large organizations grow organically, in unanticipated directions, and the accumulation of corporate regulatory detritus is something now known as red tape.

Reducing red tape and the burdens of bureaucracy is an important objective; but how to introduce a burden reduction program in a way that is engaging?

The answer here was the casting of the Minister of Economic Development as a player navigating a world of red tape. As a way to engage and entertain audiences, the 8-bit format provides a comical—even nostalgic—way to communicate the relatable idea that dealing with red tape feels like playing an old video game that is nintendo hard.

Source code for Nintendo’s epic Super Mario Bros.* was obtained and repurposed to make a playable miniature level, featuring red-tape monsters and obstacles. A video version was also created for use during presentations and online.

*This homage intends no disrespect to Super Mario Bros., a true classic.


February 22, 2016

Design, Illustration, Motion, UX, Video