Olivia Chow Mayoral Campaign

The Olivia Chow mayoral campaign involved the creation of many videos and communication products that cast her as the best choice of the city, while reiterating the ways in which Rob Ford—Toronto’s infamous former mayor—was inadequate as the municipal head of Canada’s largest city.

A highlight of the campaign in terms of online media was the production of Our Changing City, conceived as a piece that could connect the candidate with viewers by having her speak not of politics, but of her history within the city. By combining this story with imagery of the old city morphing into the present one, the hope was that the video would get near viral coverage and help get the campaign’s messaging some positive traction.

This piece was conceived and produced by me, with the city transition imagery building upon a prior photography/motion project.

The work did amazingly well, operating exactly as planned, and attracting substantial positive press coverage while becoming the viral hit of the campaign. It remains the most popular video on Olivia’s channel.


February 22, 2016

Design, Documentary, Motion, Photography, UX, Video, Web