Innovation Awards Ceremony 3.0

The challenge of the Innovation Awards was to design an expansive suite of multimedia experiences for guests attending the large-scale gala.

The Innovation Awards celebrate—and award—luminaries in business, technology, health care, academics, science, and research. With media installations and a huge 70-foot presentation screen before an audience of some 1500 people, the event required a substantial media presence to support its brand as the premier award for innovators. The awards themselves totalled over $10

The showpiece of the ceremony itself were the 10 mini-documentaries, one for each of the recipients. These pieces introduced the great minds to the audience, explaining their often esoteric work in a way that was entertaining and educational. The provision of the ultra-wide 70-foot screen allowed for breathtaking visuals that suited the character of the event; one of awe, and inspiration.

The project ran the gamut of pre-production and scheduling, scriptwriting, to shooting—including with steadicam—and effects supervision, to post production motion, titles, editing, and colour.


February 22, 2016

Design, Documentary, Motion, Typography