Compute Ontario

The goal of Compute Ontario is to provide support to businesses involved in big data, cloud, and computation. This industry is expected to vastly expand over the next decade, changing society with it. The effects of cloud computing and big data are already being felt as everything from traffic flow to health care to crime prevention are being revolutionized by harnessing the power of the raw data generated by their processes.

Compute Ontario needed an identity that would be clean, modern, and relevant.

After a branding exercise and several iterations, the final logo emerged. Conceptually and graphically, the logo represents the central processing unit of a computer; the central chip with connections extending outward. This doubles as a representation of the organization itself: seeking to organize disparate units under a central objective. The graphic device also represents networks and networking, centralized hubs connected outwardly.

Finally, the initials of the organization are subtly created through the shape of the logo and the shading applied, revealing a C and an O.

Taken together, these elements strongly reinforce identity of the organization.


February 22, 2016

Design, Identity