Accessibility — 10 Year Anniversary film

For the 10-year anniversary of legislation in support of modernizing and making accessible, the Accessibility Directorate and stakeholder groups were interested in staging a gala event at the Royal Ontario Museum.

A primary challenge here was that there was no brief. Rather than the expected feel-good-background-music video that lists dates and accomplishments, I believed that we could go deeper. I envisioned a bigger story, one that communicates the importance of their mission through the stories of individuals. Something that would be poetic, respectful, and powerful.

I developed the concept that connects one person to everyone: that when one person benefits, a family does, a community does, and so all of society does.

I wrote a short script and produced 3 vignettes which each tell a story of an individual in a family, a family in a community, and community in a society.

When the piece debuted at the 10th anniversary gala ceremony at the Royal Ontario Museum, the desired effect was achieved: the piece connected emotionally as the crowd sat in silence, many being moved to tears. As a way to celebrate the emotional side of the campaign, meanwhile conveying the importance of its mission, it was a success.


February 22, 2016

Documentary, Video, Writing